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ReSound Match™

The best hearing aid on a budget


ReSound Match™ is the perfect choice for a digital hearing aid on a budget. It has all the important extras bringing you comfortable sound - feedback suppression, noise reduction and various programs for different surroundings.

Fully paid for by the Agency for Social Assistance


  • A standard and a power behind-the-ear version

  • Feedback suppression

  • Noise reduction

  • Volume wheel with a 1 to 4 range

  • A new chip assuring a longer lasting battery

  • 2 programs for various surroundings

You can have all of that absolutely free!

Standard configuration:

• Embedded on/off function in the battery door
• Low battery indicator
• Acoustic sound when changing programs



Additional configuration:


• Moisture protected volume wheel
• 4 casing colours
• Control trimmers for bass and treble for maximum volume control

Welcome to Dynamed Hearing Aid Center to test this device.

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