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ReSound ENZO™ 3D

ReSound Enzo 3D
Super power intelligence.


ReSound ENZO™ 3D introduces an intelligent technology helping people with severe hearing loss.


You can now hear sounds with the clearest and highest quality even in very noisy surroundings. This means you can have a connection with the sounds that are of highest priority to you via a direct connection to your iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® without any additional devices or accessories. You will also be able to discretely control the volume through your smartphone without anyone in your surroundings noticing.

Your direct connection to people, places and experiences.


ReSound ENZO™ is the only super power hearing aid made for iPhone®, which means that you can listen to stereo sounds transmitted directly to your hearing aids without any additional devices - just as you would do if you were wearing wireless earphones.


You can easily and intuitively access your voice calls, music, movies, information and everything else that your iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® offers.

ReSound Enzo 3D
ReSound Enzo 3D
All the strenght you need for a powerful, clear and comfortable sound.


With ReSound ENZO™ 3D you can hear more of what you want because every part of it is made to bring you better hearing with a rich and balanced sound in any situation. It increases the quality of sound, the hearing potential and the speech understanding with minimum effort.

Personalisation and control of sound


The ReSound Smart™ application offers you a new way of personalising your hearing.


You can easily control numerous functions on your hearing aid via your iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®. This includes adjusting the treble and bass in various situations, adjusting the volume with one touch on the display of your smartphone, memorising desired settings for a particular surrounding by using the smartphone's GPS function.

ReSound Enzo 3D
ReSound Enzo 3D
It works for you - every day


ReSound ENZO™ 3D is powerful and comfortable, designed to be rigid and as reliable as possible so it can work for you every day of the year.


It's protected from moisture and dust via its iSolate nanotech coating - an incredibly thin polymer shield, which seals every component of the hearing aid.


ReSound ENZO™ 3D is the most powerful super power hearing aid in the world and in the same time it's the smallest of its kind.

Increased possibilities


ReSound Smart™ connects wirelessly with the full range of the ReSound Unite™ accessories, so that you can stay connected in many more situations and surroundings.


ReSound Unite Mini Microphone attaches to the clothes of the person you would like to listen to and their voice gets transmitted directly to your ReSound ENZO™ 3D hearing aid.


ReSound Unite TV Streamer 2 gives you the opportunity to directy listen to your TV or to sounds from your PC with the volume that you would like while the people around you listen to these sounds with the volume they're comfortable with.

ReSound ENzo 3D


ReSound Unite™ wireless accessories


Easy to use, the ReSound Unite wireless accessories are designed for ReSound LiNX, ReSound Alera, ReSound Enzo, ReSound One and ReSound Enya to help you hear things which are outside of the range of any hearing aid. They are so discreet that you don't have to wear any accessories around your neck. That's possible thanks to the 2.4GHz wireless technology which is an accomplished standard giving you a strong, slear and stable connection. Click on any of the accessories below to learn more.


Unite™ Phone Clip+


Transmits phone conversations and music directly to the hearing aid

Unite™ Mini Microphone


Transmits speech and sound directly to the hearing aid

Unite™ TV Streamer


Crystal clear stereo sound transmitted directly to your hearing aid up to 7m away

Unite™ Remote Control


Changes channels and adjusts the volume easy and discreet

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