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ReSound Up Smart™

Consistent audibility
Because every word matters


Early intervention. Appropriate amplification. Clear sound. These are the recognized foundations of pediatric hearing care and age-appropriate speech and language learning. 


Consistent audibility
Clear, comfortable sound at every output level for mild to profound hearing loss.


High signal to noise ratio
Simple, accessible ways to provide signal-to-noise ratio of up to 20 dB – from the first fit and beyond.
The ReSound Smart app
The ReSound Smart app offers easy, discreet, personalized control of ReSound Up Smart hearing aids and the ReSound Unite wireless accessories.
ReSound Up Smart meets or surpasses established pediatric safety standards.
Accurate, intuitive fitting
ReSound Up SmartTM is supported by a pediatric fitting mode based on the DSL v5 fitting rule.
Child features

iSolate™ nanotech

Shields every component from moisture, oil and debris – inside and out.


Auto-locking battery door
Is twice as strong as standards require


Can be clipped comfortably to clothing.

LED visual indication
Shows the hearing aid is working properly and whether the battery needs changing.

new rs_up_smart_app_358_169_2.png
The ReSound Smart app


The ReSound Smart™ application offers you a new way of personalising your hearing.


You can easily control numerous functions on your hearing aid via your iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®. This includes adjusting the treble and bass in various situations, adjusting the volume with one touch on the display of your smartphone, memorising desired settings for a particular surrounding by using the smartphone's GPS function.

FM receiver solutions

Compatibility with every in-school FM system via an integrated FM solution or an adapter for external receivers.



ReSound Unite™ wireless accessories


Easy to use, the ReSound Unite wireless accessories are designed for ReSound Up Smart, ReSound LiNX, ReSound Alera and ReSound Enzo to help you hear things which are outside of the range of any hearing aid. They are so discreet that you don't have to wear any accessories around your neck. That's possible thanks to the 2.4GHz wireless technology which is an accomplished standard giving you a strong, slear and stable connection. Click on any of the accessories below to learn more.


Unite™ Phone Clip+


Transmits phone conversations and music directly to the hearing aid

Unite™ Mini Microphone


Transmits speech and sound directly to the hearing aid

Unite™ TV Streamer 2


Crystal clear stereo sound transmitted directly to your hearing aid up to 7m away

Unite™ Remote Control


Changes channels and adjusts the volume easy and discreet

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