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ReSound Unite™ wireless accessories


Easy to use, the ReSound Unite wireless accessories are designed for ReSound Alera and ReSound Enzo to help you hear things which are outside of the range of any hearing aid. They are so discreet that you don't have to wear any accessories around your neck. That's possible thanks to the 2.4GHz wireless technology which is an accomplished standard giving you a strong, slear and stable connection. Click on any of the accessories below to learn more.


Unite™ Phone Clip+


Transmits phone conversations and music directly to the hearing aid

Unite™ Mini Microphone


Transmits speech and sound directly to the hearing aid

Unite™ TV Streamer


Crystal clear stereo sound transmitted directly to your hearing aid up to 7m away

Unite™ Remote Control


Changes channels and adjusts the volume easy and discreet

Other accessories

Hearing aid tubes and domes

All types of high quality hearing aid nozzles

Cables and receivers for bone and air conduction

A variety of pocket hearing aid accessories


Hearing aid filters

Different types of hearing aid filters

Electric box for drying hearing aids

Electric drying box, which eliminates any moisture and extends the life of the hearing aid

Moisture removal pump

A hand pump for removing any moisture left in the tube of the hearing aid left after washing.

Drying tablets

Tablets for drying out the hearing aids

Cleaning tablets

Effervescent tablets for cleaning the hearing aid nozzles


Clips for children hearing aids

Clips for children behind the ear hearing aids

Boxes with drying tablets

Boxes with drying tablets for hearing aids
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